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Take Me Somewhere Nice (Ena Sendijarevic) - NL trailer

Yulia & Juliet - Trailer

Sara Luna started performing at the age of 11 at a youth theatre school in Amsterdam. At the age of 17 she was casted for the arthousefilm 'Take Me Somewhere Nice" directed by Ena Sendiarevic. She knew she had found her passion and wanted to continue acting. The same year she landed a role in the short 'Yulia & Juliet', directed by Zara Dwinger. Both these movies where praised internationally and received multiple nominations and awards. Sara Luna continued to act in several shorts and series (e.g. Lieve Mama, Eenling and A Holiday from mourning) and currently she is preparing for auditions for the Theatre Academy.



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Sara Luna Zoric Sara Luna Zoric Sara Luna Zoric Sara Luna Zoric Sara Luna Zoric Sara Luna Zoric


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