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De Belofte Van Pisa | 10 oktober in de bioscoop | trailer 60sec

Simone Giel started acting at a very young age, and starred in several youth theatre productions. In addition she starred in many Disney productions as a voice actress, such as Tarzan II, Bambi II, Brother Bear II and Barney & Friends. Her acting career in front of the camera started with several short films (e.g. Another One Bites The Dust) and in 2019 she had her cinema debute in Norbert Ter Halls: The Promise of Pisa. This year she will appear in Toren C, Flikken Maastricht and The Pudding Club. Apart from her television and film appearances, she also worked with Timothy de Gilde in the classical Dutch play, Liefhebber. And this spring she will be working with Silke van Kamp on Man Without Purpose. This year Simone will graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Acting at the Theatre School of Amsterdam (AHK). In her acting, a key word is connection, wheater it is a connection to her character, or to her audience, she seeks to find that true moment where everything falls into place and true magic happens.



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167 cm


Dutch English (C1)


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