Urszula Antoniak

director & writer

BEYOND WORDS Trailer | TIFF 2017

Nothing Personal (2009) Trailer

Code Blue (2011) Official Trailer (HD)

Trailer de Magic Mountains (HD)

Urszula wrote and directed her first feature film Nothing Personal in 2008 after graduating from Polish Film School. The film was an international hit with prizes on Locarno, such as the Silver Leopard for Best Feature Debut and the Leopard for Best Actress. She has written and directed several European prize winning features like Code Blue and Nude Area. The German/Polish film Beyond Words in 2017 was another big hit with a premiere at the TIFF and San Sebastián, wins on the Dutch and Polish film festival and it is currently available on Prime Video worldwide. She is currently working on an English film titled Splendid Isolation which will shoot in October 2020.
She started writing after the loss of her husband in 2004. It resulted in the successful film Nothing Personal, which has actually many personal interfaces with her own life of moving to Amsterdam as an immigrant that couldn't communicate. For her films she chooses people that don't fit in, have something weird, but they can also be force of nature. Besides writing her own scripts, she loves writing for projects she doesn't direct as well, as she did for projects like Het Leven Volgens Nino and Planet Single.
Urszula Antoniak Urszula Antoniak Urszula Antoniak Urszula Antoniak Urszula Antoniak Urszula Antoniak


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